As part of my journey as a software engineer and architect, I’ve also written several articles, written a book and recorded several videos teaching others how to use technology to (hopefully) become better developers.  Here are links to a selected few recent items.

Seven Tips to Help Your Company Succeed in the Cloud

cloud-diceAn article written in collaboration with Dice.com (my employer) and the Linux Foundation.  This article talks about a few things we learned while moving the entirety of our Dice.com infrastructure to public cloud hosting.

Vagrant Virtual Development Environment Cookbook

3748OS_B03651_Vegrant Virtual Development_FrontcovA book written in 2015 introducing readers to Vagrant, with tips on starting with Vagrant, using provisioners and installing software on Vagrant machines.  Along the way, I also discuss creating custom plugins and packaging boxes for others to use.  This was a book published by Packt Publishing and is available in a number of different formats and from many different vendors.

Learning Puppet

learningpuppetThis is a series of video training that I recorded for Infinite Skills (now part of O’Reilly Media) in 2015.  The video series takes a beginners look at writing and testing code in Puppet 3.

Learning Git

learninggitAnother video series from InfiniteSkills / O’Reilly Media on using Git source control software.  This is another hands-on video series where I demonstrate some basic operations using Git; including basic cloning, editing, branching and merging.

Computational Literacy

Several publications under the heading of “Computational Literacy”; a four year study funded by the National Science Foundation that attempted to measure differences in student outcomes by engaging students in computational science: methods for applying numerical (quantitative) methods to learning topics that have traditionally been taught qualitatively.