I recently had the opportunity to record some training material on the basics of using. The recording was edited (and is for sale by) the – they have done a great job in taking what was (admittedly) a set of very rough screencast recordings and turning this into a resource that you find useful.

First, here’s the link to the course:


My goal for the course was twofold:

  1. Provide a set of recordings and explanations on how to use Git – primarily for beginners that are either new to source control entirely or may be migrating from other source control systems.</p>
  2. Provide beginners the right “language” to learn further on their own.

This course is not an in-depth treatment of Git – there are many guides (and the project documentation) that will help you with that, but this course should give most software developers a good day to day guide on how to install and configure Git, how to clone repositories and check in / check out code and how to merge and resolve conflicts. I also talked a bit about the ‘social’ aspects of the Git ecosphere, primarily using but most of the topics (comments, pull requests) also apply to other Git products such as or .

If you (or your development team) are looking for a quick how-to guide on using Git, I hope that you’ll consider this recording as an introduction.