A recent post by Sarah Gooding at WP Tavern features one of my side projects, something I released as Open Source called Vagrantpress.

VagrantPress is an alternative to VVV, created by Chad Thompson. It sets up a WordPress development environment with Vagrant/Puppet that is geared toward developing themes and plugins. Thompson started the VagrantPress project in order to work on child themes for a WordPress blog.

Read the whole post here.

Sarah wrote a little bit about some of the roadmap material I pushed to the Vagrantpress GitHub page that I’ll be working on implementing in the coming months.  As a preview, a few of the things that excite me:

  • New features of Vagrant and integrations with the Vagrant Cloud.
  • The GitHub Developer API.
  • Container driven deployment using Docker.

What I started as a project to help with theme and plugin development I’m starting to want to expand toward covering and aiding WordPress developers with deployment.  Cloud computing providers such as Amazon, DigitalOcean, Google, etc. have made deployments to dedicated instances (and static IPs!) as reasonable in cost as shared hosting solutions.  What’s not quite as easy:  deploying to dedicated servers.  I’d like to set up some tooling making that easier for developers and administrators alike.