It might be getting late in the game for “publicity”, but I thought I would post a couple of talks that I’m giving next month (coming soon!) at the COLLABORATE13 conference in Denver, CO. The conference is a joint conference of the three major Oracle user groups – the IOUG, the [OAUG][] and the Quest International PeopleSoft/JDEdwards users group. (The largest are the IOUG and OAUG user groups – the OAUG is the “Oracle Applications” group – the IOUG is a broader “Oracle Technology” group.)


I have two sessions during the week:

Getting Started with ADF

Monday, April 8 11:00 AM, Mile High Ballroom 4C

This is a general introduction to Oracle ADF (Applications Development Framework) for those who are either developing in other Oracle technologies, or may be learning ADF as part of a Java-based web application or even extension to Oracle Fusion Applications. I’ll be talking mainly about how to start with ADF, the four major components of the framework and some basic instruction to start you on the path to developing your own ADF applications.

Getting Things Done: Productivity for Knowledge Workers

Wednesday, April 10 1:00 PM, Mile High Ballroom 2C

I’ve written a few blog posts on Getting Things Done in the past, and a co-worker prompted me to put together an informal presentation on GTD to a larger group. This presentation is an outgrowth and “formalizing” of that presentation. I’ll be discussing GTD, the philosophies of GTD and some tips and problem areas with the method.

Oddly enough, I’m much more anxious about this talk than the ADF one; the reasons for getting into GTD tend toward personal values and motivations – so this one will also be a very personal talk. If the personal stuff isn’t your bag, you’ll at least walk out understanding why all of your Twitter contacts are spam tweeting something about “Inbox Zero”.

(And yes, Brad, I’ll also probably have to mention Merlin.)

If you’re going to be at COLLABORATE, feel free to ping me (@chadothompson) or if not – registration is a link away.

NOTE: I’m also on the content committee for the “Web Experience Track” – we did some work in trying to include a broader set of topics to include some Oracle ADF content as well as WebCenter case studies and technical sessions. There were obviously some tradeoffs based on what was submitted and the interest in the topics – I hope that attendees will find the sessions useful. Please feel free to give me an earful about that as well.